Kenji Maillard (2023)
kenji no uchi

Computer sciences & mathematics

I spend most of my time thinking, studying and hacking dependent type theories. On their metatheoretical aspects, involving category theory, homotopy theory and model theory for dependent types. On the pratical aspects of their verified implementation in proof assistants. On their use as frameworks for theorem provers in order to formalize elegant mathematical proofs.

The somewhat mysterious reasoning principles ruling over side-effects in programming languages has been and remain my motivating quest in this journey at the edge of computer sciences and mathematics.

I am currently a junior researcher (ISFP) in the team Gallinette at Inria Rennes located in Nantes.

Info & Contact

My name is Kenji Maillard, written unofficially 賢士. My CV is here to find out more.

Email: first name at last name dot blue
Bureau 212, Bâtiment 11, LS2N,
Université de Nantes – faculté des Sciences et Techniques (FST),
2 Chemin de la Houssinière, BP 92208, 44322 Nantes Cedex 3

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The slides are sometimes updated versions, potentially with major changes, of the original presentations

News from the days of yore

Between December 2019 and November 2022, I did a post-doc at Gallinette, Inria Rennes with Nicolas Tabareau and Éric Tanter around dependent types, universes and effects (with gradual stuff interleaved).

Before that (October 2016 - November 2019), I worked under the supervision of Cătălin Hriţcu around the programming language F* (and more precisely Dijkstra Monads - see publications for details or this PhD manuscript) in the team Prosecco, at Inria Paris and also spent some time torturing robots at Mujin.

Thèse de doctorat (PhD)

I prepared my PhD under the supervision of Cătălin Hriţcu at ENS Ulm and team Prosecco, Inria Paris on Principles of Program Verification For Arbitrary Monadic Effects. I defended on November 25th, 2019 at Inria, Paris in front of a jury composed by

The slides of the presentation can be found here.


I really like cooking, in particular french and japanese cuisine !

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