kenji no uchi

Computer science & mathematics

I am mostly interested in programming languages, logic, category theory and geometric insights on these subjects as can be given by algebraic topology and algebraic geometry. I am currently doing a post-doc at Galinette, Inria Rennes with Nicolas Tabareau and Éric Tanter around dependent types, universes and effects (with gradual stuff interleaved). Before that, I worked under the supervision of Cătălin Hriţcu around the programming language F* (and more precisely Dijkstra Monads - see publications for details or this PhD manuscript) at Prosecco, Inria Paris and also spent some time torturing robots at Mujin.

Info & Contact

According to my CV, my name is Kenji Maillard. You can email me at first name at last name dot blue .



The slides are often updated versions, sometimes with major changes, of the original presentations


I really like cooking, in particular french and japanese cuisine !

Various stuff

More stuff might come at some point